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New Study Links Brisk Walking to Longevity

While exercising, in general, has a positive impact for the human body, walking as part of a person's daily life is revealed to also tip the scales towards a healthier lifestyle that largely affects longevity.
Mobility Enhancing Soft Exosuit: a soft wearable robot made from lightweight and flexible materials.

Wearable Robotics That Are a Walk In the Park

Developed at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, a new form of wearable robotics known as “the Soft Exosuit” is changing misconceptions of where robotic engineering meets biological form. Intended to be worn comfortably under traditional clothing, the Soft Exosuit is a form of technology designed with the wearer in mind with the goal of minimizing the energy required for physical movement--an important concept for soldiers in tough terrain and even those with limited mobility in the domestic domain.
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