Friends, Not Fitbit, More Predictive of Health, Says Studies

Friends, Not Fitbit, More Predictive of Health, Says Studies

What the researchers discovered was the social network structure provides a significant improvement in predictability of wellness states of an individual over using the data derived from wearables, like the number of steps or heart rate

Apple's Big Unveil of the Apple Watch

Ever since Apple gave the world a short glimpse of the Apple Watch, we have been waiting with bated breath to learn more about this latest gadget. Today during the Apple event in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook lifted the veil of the device revealing many of the details so many have waited anxiously to see.
Surgeon Reviews Google Glass

Google Glass Turns to Intel for Second Generation—Bye Bye TI

Perhaps one of Google’s more ground-breaking inventions, the Google Glass has made quite a splash since it was released to consumers earlier this summer. A head-mounted device, resembling a pair of glasses, Google Glass has allowed people to surf the internet, take pictures, and see the world in a different light. But the setback was that the first generation of the device was not too popular with the masses, in that its high price-tag in the thousands made it virtually unobtainable to the average consumer. And on top of that, not everyone was quite convinced with the privacy plans put in place.
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