wooly mammoth

Bringing Extinct Animals Back to Life No Longer Just Part of the Movies

Move over Jurassic Park, it seems the idea of bringing extinct animals back to life is now becoming more science rather than science fiction. The idea of reviving long extinct species has fascinated scientists for generations. Now, they have brought the idea one step closer to reality as scientists from Harvard University have managed to insert wooly mammoth DNA into the code of Asian elephants.
Oct 16. Idaho State University geology student Travis Helm cleans Mammoth skull found in American Falls, Idaho.

Mammoth Fossil Trapped In Reservoir—Archaeologists Try to Unearth Rare Skeleton

Researchers from Idaho State University pray that a new discovery uncovered near American Falls Reservoir in their home state of Idaho may only be part of a whole, yet to be seen. Earlier this month, in the course of surveying an excavation site while working for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the university alongside avid fossil hunters uncovered a portion of a Columbian era mammoth skull complete with tusks. And the team believes the entire rare skeleton may also be buried in the reservoir.
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