Aspirin May Do More Harm Than Good for People Seeking to Prevent Heart Attacks

How many times have you heard how aspirin is good for people seeking to prevent a heart attack? Today, this has become common knowledge, and aspirin is often taken by people suffering from heart disease that want to try to prevent a heart attack. However, a new study has found that aspirin may not be as good for you as you once thought, and many people that are taking aspirin should not be doing so.
Aspirin may have more harmful effects for mid-age women

Researchers Find Aspirin May Cause Stomach Bleeding In Women

However, a recent study found that regular dosage of aspirin could actually do more harm than good, especially amongst middle-aged women. The study investigated 30,000 women over the age of 45 years old, and participants were randomly assigned to take either 100 mg of aspirin or placebos every other day, to determine whether it lowered their risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The result showed that those taking aspirin were at a significantly higher risk of suffering from stomach bleeding, while the protective effect of aspirin was found to be marginal.
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