AIDS Pathogens: How Do They Multiply In The Body?

A new study using high-resolution imaging shows how the HI virus multiplies and spreads in living cells, a direct proof of how the AIDS pathogen replicates itself in a lipid environment.

Genetic Editing May Save HIV Patients

HIV patients are now offered a new way to get rid of the virus from their body and genetic editing might be the best thing that will save their lives.
HIV Infection Electron Micrograph

Cuba eradicates mother-to-child HIV

The World Health Organization (WHO) certified Cuba as the first country to have successfully eradicated mother-to-child HIV and syphilis.

Viral Research Leads The Way in Fight Against AIDs and HIV

Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and GlaxoSmithKline are homing in on a breakthrough in the fight against AIDS-one that has remained out of reach: finding a cure. This partnership between the private company and the public university will marry the longstanding work of each entity to hopefully arrive at more than has seemed possible in even the recent past.

HIV & AIDS Awareness In-Print—Not In A Blood Bag

In the age of the slow death of the print industry, book authors and magazines must become a bit more avant garde and push their boundaries if they expect to survive. But with a bit of blood and creative marketing one German magazine may keep its face in the headlines, and its reader’s aware in the process.
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