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Cavity exciton polariton device

Quantum Tech One Step Closer With New Single Photon Switch

Single photon switches, which can turn physical processes on or off by using only a single packet of light, have far-reaching implications for quantum photonic technologies - and a new breakthrough makes it one step closer to realization.
A Visual Representation of Particles in a Wave

Simple Mod Can Keep Quantum States 10,000 Times Longer

Technological advancements have allowed physicists to manipulate and study quantum particles, their states, and their interactions. However, they still need to figure out how to keep quantum systems from decaying long enough to practically run computations and transfer information—and a simple solution might just solve the problem
Diagram of Schrödinger's cat thought experiment. Roughly based on

Yale Creates Error-Correcting Cat for Quantum Computers

Physicists from Yale University have developed an "error-correcting cat". This device combines the concept of superposition from the famous Schrödinger's cat experiment, and the ability to fix some of the persisting problems with quantum computation.

VIDEO—Watch How Researchers Tricked Light Into Revealing Its Paradoxical Nature

If you ever thought that you were alone in not understanding how light could both be a particle and a wave, you need not worry because you weren’t. In fact, for the better part of a century since Einstein theorized the dual nature of light, even researchers have had a tough time digesting the out-of-the-box quantum physics that this notion required to be true. Many researchers simply assumed that since the math checked out, and Einstein being the brilliant genius that he was, that the theory was right. But now, with some clever experimental design and a super-powered electron microscope, researchers are putting the doubts to rest and proving Einstein’s theory once and for all.
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