6 Steps to Quit Vaping

How To Overcome Nicotine Addiction

Overcoming nicotine addiction by quitting smoking and vaping is a struggle that many of America's youth face. However, some experts reveal a 6-step plan to help people give up vaping.

Vaping Linked to Impaired Blood Vessels

In London, a study has revealed that young people who have used electronic cigarettes, even those without nicotine, have shown signs of impaired blood vessel function.
Smoke from E-Cigarettes

Clearing Up the Smoke—Editorial On E-Cigarettes Study & Public Opinion

In a recent article published by our writers entitled “Just a Bunch of Hot Air? The Truth About Vaping” our journalist investigated new research published by the New England Journal of Medicine regarding e-cigarettes and health implications associated with vaping. Readers have said that the article propagated fear tactics to decidedly speak against vaping, and with so many questions having recently arisen in response to the article, the editorial staff has decided that it is best to clear up the subject here.
Vaping cartridges

Just A Bunch Of Hot Air? The Truth About Vaping

Vaping has become an incredibly marketable practice in recent years, promising smokers a "healthy" alternative to tobacco cigarettes. But are these manufactures just blowing hot air?
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