Arctic 'Zombie' Wildfires Release Megatons of Carbon Dioxide

Arctic Wildfires Result in Record-Breaking Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The 'zombie' wildfires, not directly caused by human activity, in the Arctic have been the largest fires recorded over the last 17 years. The amount of carbon and methane emitted by these large fires are record-breaking and take several months to contain.
Lightning Wildfire

Climate Change May Spark A Wildfire Or Two in Our Future

In a year with news full of UN summits and celebrity spokespersons speaking out against climate change, further complicated by the emissions we as humans put out, new research says that the incremental changes over the next century may spark some more conversations as well as lightning strikes across the continental United States.
Wildfire Rages through Custer State Park in South Dakota after Lightning Strike.

Wildfires May Fill our Future as Climate Change Sparks Lightning

Anthropogenic climate change, caused by the actions and emissions put forth by humans, has been a major conversation starter in recent months. But new research released today in the journal Science says that we may be looking at a future filled with a few more sparks rather than just warmer summers and rising seas.
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