Leaf Veins Can Enhance Longer Battery Life; Study Proves

By Soutrik Das | Apr 10, 2017 01:28 PM EDT

There are a load inventions made in recent past which have been focused on enhancing the battery life of regular cells. But the recent innovation among these is perhaps the best as it showcases the format of utilizing natural substances for elevating power back up in lithium ion based batteries. This can even be useful for smartphone batteries as well. A global team of scientists has been able to generate a porous like material which actually mimics leaf vein structures and could enhance the energy evolution process more efficient.

According to Controlled Environments Magazine, the group of researchers who are coming from various major parts of the world like United States, United Kingdom, China has jointly produced this technique by using the principles of Murray's Law, which has allowed them to connect with the concept of leaf veins enabling the flow of nutrients for photosynthesis with high efficiency and minimum energy consumption. Thi optimization technique has been evident with the increment of performance level in the case of gas sensing, photocatalysis, and lithium ion batteries.

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As per another report by Engadget, to examine the leaf-like porous which they crafted the team implemented an evaporation-based process to arrange zinc oxide nanoparticles into the strings of that synthetic like material. As a result, its accounted into a technique of charging and discharging which would automatically enhance the longevity of any battery like elements. This method can be beneficial in various trumps like gas sensing, photocatalysis, and lithium ion cells.

Scientifically, the leaf-like technique, if applied to lithium batteries, will eventually enhance the flow of electrodes. This will not only improve the charging and discharge factors but will also reduce the stress on the electrodes as well. This will definitely make up the battery more powerful, less prone to overcharging and quickly chargeable indeed.

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