Where Is The Best Place To Conserve Rhino, Australia Or South Africa

By Piyali Roy | Apr 29, 2017 06:59 PM EDT

Rhino standout amongst the most notorious images of the African savanna, dark behemoths with covered plating and fearsome horns. But then, the horns are promoting their destruction. Poaching is prolific to the point that zoos also can't secure them.

A few people trust rhino horns can cure a few illnesses, others consider horns to act as status symbols. The Rhino horns are made up of keratin, this is truly about as powerful as biting fingernails. According to, an enormous increment in poaching over the previous decade has prompted quick decreases in some rhino species, and quick solution is really needed.

A proposal for the safety of rhino is to be taken regarding the transportation of 80 rhinos from private farms in South African to captive facilities in Australia which will bear a cost over US $4M. Serious concerns about the project are being raised by scientists around the world. The Conversation reported that various issues regarding the transportation of rhino include cost as well.

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The main issue is whether the cost of moving the rhinos is unjustified. The $4M cost is twofold the counter poaching spending plan for South African National Parks ($2.2M), the directors of the domain where most white rhinos as of now dwell in the nation.

This is also still not known that which rhino species will be focused on in this Australian project, but it is expected that southern white rhino subspecies will likely to be focused as they are the species which is likely to go extinct. However there is high poaching level for the southern white rhino species, the worldwide population is stable.

In an opinion, this rhino venture is neo-pioneer protection that redirects cash and opens consideration far from the principal issues important to preserve rhinos. There is no proof of what will happen to the rhinos transported to Australia once the poaching emergency is turned away, yet there appears to be nothing as powerful as China's "panda strategy" where pandas given to remote zoos remain the property of China, close by a significant yearly instalment, as do any posterity created, for the span of the arrangement.

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