Soul Scientists' Struggling Work To Build Trust: UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres

By Piyali Roy | May 02, 2017 01:31 AM EDT

The former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres pleaded with the soul searching scientists recently for struggling against the counter growing public mistrust. Her statement "We mortals do not understand you" clearly shows the pleading expression.

According to, Christiana Figueres was at a major event or conference which was held in Vienna past week. In the conference, she showed her heartfelt cry by giving one explanation on why soul searching scientists are working hard and struggling for getting their messages across. Delegates set aside a few minutes for soul searching at the meeting in the Austrian capital, surrendering that they bear some portion of the fault for distancing a few people.

Days after a notable March for Science in Washington, the specialists claimed up to disappointments including remoteness and haughtiness and working in a "rebound assembly of like-minded individuals". The main problem as per Heike Langenberg, the chief editor of journal Nature Geoscience, is that the soul searching scientists have not done any positive communication with the people.

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The Guardian reported that the major cause for this great public mistrust can be that soul searching scientists have always given long speeches but never tried to listen from the public, building mistrust between both the parties. This has added to a disintegration of support for science since a high point in the 1960s when the humans planted their country flag on the Moon.

Driven by the United States, a pattern has developed from that point forward to challenge certain essential principles that appreciate overpowering master accord-the advantages of youth immunization, confirm for species advancement and the hazards of an Earth-wide temperature boost. One noticeable cynic, Donald Trump, is presently in the White House. He has depicted environmental change as a fabrication and connected youth immunizations to a mental imbalance. Since taking office, Trump has moved to control science spending and muffle government soul searching scientists.

Soul searching scientists should start from the basics and limit the research mistakes and frauds to resist the temptation for exaggerating findings in a quest for funding as well as prestige. For the science community, the main factor is that the scientists should be responsible for the right way of communication and communicate the science. They should not try to go for just a headline but much more should be done.

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