Nokia 8 Leaked Images Unveil Gold Color Variant With Glossy Back

By partha das | Jul 24, 2017 03:03 PM EDT

Recently leaked images of the new Nokia 8 unveiled a beautiful and stunning smartphone with a glossy back. This new handset is one of the most anticipated handsets of Nokia.

Reports about the next Nokia handset of HMD have already been surfacing for some time. Speculations were high about this upcoming Nokia 8 handset. Now some recent images of this handset have recently surfaced on Baidu forums that explore the actual look of the phone, Pocket-Lint reported.

The leaked images suggest the prototype of the new Nokia 8. The images indicate that the handset is a phablet with a gold and glossy back. The Nokia branding is visible in the center of the phone's glossy back. The rear camera with the dual-lens set up shows one of the important features of the HMD'S next handset.

The important fact is HMD has made a partnership with Zeiss, and it includes the Nokia phones with Zeiss lenses. But, the leaked images of the Nokia 8 doesn't show the Zeiss branding, though the images only suggest the prototype of the new handset. Apart from this, the images unveil some important features of this flagship smartphone.

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These features include a headphone jack located on top of the device. No doubt it must be a 3.5mm jack. The Nokia 8 also includes speaker grill, the USB-C port, and one microphone port located at the bottom. This Android-powered smartphone is expected to feature the Snapdragon 835 processor.

According to Forbes, the upcoming Nokia 8 must have the 64GB of internal storage. MicroSD card support is an important aspect of the phone. It is believed that HMD will use the 'vanilla' version of the Android that includes all the important security updates.

An essential fact is renders of this upcoming device are already available. The display of the new Nokia 8 will support the QHD resolution, and the handset will contain 6 or 4GB of RAM. Rumors are hinting that HMD may announce this handset on 31 July.

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