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Numerous White Sharks Seen At Cape Cod, Looks Like Spending Summer With Tourists

Mar 15, 2017 12:07 PM EDT

Shark at Cape Cod
(Photo : Michelle Scannell/Youtube) Shark at Cape Cod

Numerous white sharks find a summer place to fit in. The sharks look like spending summer on Cape Cod with the tourists.

Greg Skomal, a senior scientist from Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries have found numerous white sharks off on vacation at the Cape Cod, National Post reported. However, tourists who are planning to spend their vacation at the place should not be threatened for the sharks are after seals.

But, knowing that the white sharks are predators, the existence of numerous sharks at Cape Cod has been a public issue. Skomal is trying to analyze on his years of study with the sharks on how long does the sharks will stay as well as where it would go after summer.

According to Wral.com, it was 1936 since the last documented fatal great white shark attack happens in Massachusetts. And last year, with the use of a plane from the top view, researchers were able to count 147 individual sharks.

From the past record of the year 2014 where the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, funded the study, the number of white sharks found in Cape Cod rises from 80 individual sharks. Meanwhile, the numerous number of white sharks for this year wasn't yet finalized.

Along with the white sharks which had been previously found for the past years, researchers were able to tag more than 100 from them for the purpose of tracking their movements. Skomal further stated that the population of white sharks is getting larger each year, for they can't evenly spot all of them.

What gives much interest for the researchers are the increasing number of young sharks as well as they appear to be swimming far from the adult sharks. "Last summer, we saw greater numbers of smaller sharks, which also includes the juveniles, telling us that their population is rebuilding," Skomal said.

To recall, sharks appeared in the popular movie "Jaws," in 1975 where a giant shark terrorizes a New England resort town. Now, numerous white sharks are coming to Cape Cod to haunt to are now protected seals.

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