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Experience A Different Flight With The World's Smallest High-Tech Drone

Mar 15, 2017 12:09 PM EDT


Drones are just a geeky dream before, but it's now a reality. Drones are invented in different sizes and shapes for more reasons.

In just a short period of time, drones have managed to grow in its uniquely surprising way. In a report published by BGR, the remote controlled airborne devices which have been used in surveying and film sites before now comes in a variety.

Recently, high-tech drones can be bought at the price of less than $50 at any toy store. And today, one company is preparing to launch the world's smallest high-tech drones.

The Aerius drones are the world's smallest high-tech drones developed by Axis Drones which has the size of not even tall as a coin. And because it's tiny, it can even be docked inside its remote controller.

The world's smallest high-tech drones key features include a size of 3cm x 3cm x 2 cm. Also, it has an Ultra-Compact 2.4 GHz controller with a tiny drone storage and transport compartment. It has the capability for a five to seven-minute flight time when charged for 15 minutes.

Furthermore, the high-tech drones are comprised of two speeds that are pre-programmed for the desired level of its flight sensitivity. It's also a beginner friendly using its Headless Mode and has six-axis Gyro-stabilization.

Meanwhile, according to NBC News, flying a drone is easy for its pilots to rely on a computer screen to measure the system status updates, continents, map and more. Additionally, flying drones require such sophistication that requires more on minding than flying. This means, that unlike a manmade plane, drones don't require its pilot to be focused every second on the controls.

However, some drones pilot claims boredom in flying a high-tech drone thus affecting their performance. That's why only 25 percent of 244 fresh undergraduates chose to be a drone pilot when they were allowed to choose a career in the Air Force.

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