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'Apple iPad Pro 2' Latest News & Updates: Four iPad Pro's To Be Unveiled Next Week, Released Next Month

Mar 15, 2017 12:11 PM EDT


Apple iPad Pro 2 is reportedly coming this April. More so, some claims the four iPad Pro's will be unveiled next week.

Those who are patiently waiting for the Apple iPad Pro 2 tablets may soon be over, DDN reported. It is because Apple is reportedly holding a launch date where the four tablets will be unveiled next week.

The four Apple iPad Pro 2 models are said to be unveiled next week between March 20 and March 24 at an Apple important event. The rumor arises from the statement given by a reputable supply chain analysts. But, this is still unofficial until today for Apple hadn't made any announcement or invites the media.

Meanwhile, another speculation had spread for the coming release date of the Apple iPad Pro 2. According to Apple World Today, the rumor was based on an Apple Online Store, wherein if the "Check Availability" link will be clicked it will show a date of April 4, 2017.

Furthermore, the link will specify the availability date for any color, connectivity choice, and storage size of the four Apple iPad Pro 2 models. The four models such are the 12.9-inch, 10.5-inch, 9.7-inch, and the 7.9-inch are said to be coming by next month.

The Apple event that is scheduled on Tuesday, April 4 is expected to introduce the four models of iPad Pro 2 and would have the same availability date after the announcement. On top of this, Apple Park is scheduled to be open next month, which could possibly reveal the iPad Pro 2 among the 1,000 seat Steve Jobs Theater onsite.

To recall, the Cupertino-based company always holds an event in March over the past few years. Thus, this would mean that the Apple iPad Pro 2 unveiling date and release date reports could be possible. Eventually, tech enthusiasts do not lose their hopes for the coming of the four Apple iPad Pro 2 models will happen this year.

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