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Apple Watch: Still The Best In Design & Health Purpose Smartwatch, Can Tell Upcoming Sickness

Mar 15, 2017 12:12 PM EDT


Surveys and tests proved that Apple Watch is the best. The watch can tell when a person is going to be sick.

The Verge reported that even though Apple Watch has been released two years ago, it still remains the best design smartwatch today. It's because the Apple Watch is able to present the best balance in size, looks, battery life, price and of course function.

Moreover, the Apple Watch does not look exactly like a watch for it wasn't constantly telling a time. It is a self-evidently a piece of gadget packed with the best technology and wrapped in a pebble shape design.

The Apple Watch looked differently from its competitors such as the Huawei Watch 2, Samsung Gear 2 and LG G Watch R. What makes it different is that it's not an obvious watch with minute markings on the side, but with a physical and stylish frame.

Meanwhile, aside from its design, Apple Watch is admired on its function. According to Computer World, a guy named Dennis Anselmo who's life was saved by the smartwatch was very thankful.

The Apple Watch was reportedly saved Anselmo's life when it has detected his fatal heart condition. Some tests and studies were done and had proved the capability of the Apple Watch to detect and identify heart problems and more.

Additionally, Apple's sensor development teams claim that the Apple Watch has the capability to be a sensor for diabetes. More so, during the incubation period of the flu virus, wearable technologies like the Apple Watch had played a great part in assessing data and provide the warning.

The Apple Watch can also gather heart rate data with the use of the semi-supervised deep learning technique. Currently, the research team of John Hopkins is developing the Apple Watch technology for the sake of epilepsy sufferers. With the Apple Watch, Hopkins believe that the sufferer's condition can be identified before their attack takes place.

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