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Sony To End Shipments Of Current PlayStation 3 Console In Japan Soon

Mar 20, 2017 02:46 AM EDT


The PlayStation 3, the principal model of which was launched in November 2006, will soon be let go. The Japanese multinational conglomerate reportedly said on the 500GB dark Playstation 3's item page - the only remaining model of the gaming console production in Japan - that the gadget's "shipments are planned to end soon".

Despite the fact that Sony didn't give a particular date, a game shop in Kurume, Fukuoka said in a tweet that it got a notice that Playstation 3's generation will end in March. Assuming it's real, then Sony will quit shipping Playstation 3 models once the rest of the units are over.

 As indicated by Gematsu, Sony will soon end production of the Playstation 3 console in Japan. Sony's gaming consoles are known to have a 10-year life expectancy. In this manner, decommissioning the Playstation 3, which turned 10 in November last year, doesn't come as a surprise

 Actually, Sony has been planning to pull back the console from service since last year. While the company allegedly released the last first-party Playstation 3 title in October, it will also stop the console's access to PS Now from August this year.

"After mindful thought, we chose to move our concentration and assets to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC to additionally create and enhance the client experience on these two gadgets. This move places us in the best position to develop the service much further," Sony said in a current blog entry.  

"The gaming console market is intensely influenced by the launch of next-gen gaming consoles," Technavio, a technology research, and advisory company said in a report. "With the up and coming generation of gaming consoles possible to be launched around 2019-2020, the market is expected to witness development or growth from this time forward." 

In spite of the fact that Microsoft no longer gives sales figures to Xbox, recent numbers released by analyst recommend that Sony still leads the gaming console market, with the Playstation 4 selling double the units of Xbox One in 2016. Both the consoles were launched in late 2013.

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