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Apple's iPhone 8 With New Facial Recognition Technology Unveils Soon

Mar 21, 2017 12:54 AM EDT

iPhone 8
(Photo : TechnoBuffalo/ You Tube) Apple's upcoming iPhone will apparently feature a 5.8-inch wraparound OLED display along with a laser sensor for facial recognition.

The world's most expensive personal device iPhone 7 will unveil soon. Now, Apple fans are delicately waiting for the iPhone 8 which will sport some never seen before features.

One of most interesting features in iPhone 8 is locking and unlocking a mobile device using face recognition. This information is published by Apple itself with U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

As per Apple insider note, the core idea of the patent is that an iPhone uses the front-facing camera to detect and recognize the user's face. If the iPhone has been motionless for a period of time and the camera cannot see the users it can automatically lock. Now once the iPhone 8 detects the user's face, then there is no need to enter PIN or Touch ID.

This process is multistep process compared to the single step unlocking of a fingerprint sensor. This new move made by Apple in February to buy TelAviv startup Realface. Still, artificial intelligence is working on these new features. They are trying to improve the software and login system in iPhone 8, reported by Forbes.

Firstly in 2017, Apple is deeply invested in this device. Secondly, the acquisition of Realface is another sign of intention at long-term development. However, iPhone 8 is expected to come without the home button. It will offer an edge to edge OLED 4k display with Glass Body. The iPhone 8 will have a faster A 12 Processor and wireless charging facility.

However, in iPhone 8 there are some issues with facial recognition technology. Here one question may arise that If a user wears the sunglass, lenses or in the dark then facial reorganization may be an issue. Though there is no official statement yet but the accuracy of this technology is still hanging.

The iPhone 8 is still under development and will likely launch in the fall of 2017. It is rumored that the iPhone 8 could sell for upwards of $1000, which is a good deal more expensive than previous iPhones.

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