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Bacteria Play the Key Role to 3D Print the Bespoke Materials Like Graphene

Mar 23, 2017 09:18 AM EDT


Surprises exceed all boundaries of curiosity when scientists use bacteria for 3D printing the bespoke materials. The production of custom materials gains a new dimension and an innovative way.

Digital Trends reported the 3D printing of custom material like graphene with the help of bacteria. It may be the first time in the world that scientists have evolved such a process. Researchers at the Delta University in the Netherlands create this breakthrough.

For a long time, many scientists consider bacteria as the essential part of the different research works. They are used to make medicines. But the use of these unicellular microorganisms to make materials with the help of 3D printing is totally a new concept and now a reality. Dr. Anne Meyer, one of the key researchers of the project, reveals this fact.

The important part is apart from unveiling a new way for 3D printing Dr. Anne Meyer and the research team invented one more thing. The research team also has used bacteria to create a model for dental plaque. The scientists believe that in future times the model can be very helpful to test toothpaste.

New Scientist reported that if the bacteria are placed on the sheets of graphene oxide, then the sheet will be reduced to a new version. The new compound will share properties with graphene. The whole process will get a complete shape with the 3D printing.

The best thing is bacteria are very cheap, friendly and more environmentally. Dr. Anne Meyer states that the mixing of the bacteria with the precursor can create a new product. No doubt the new discovery uncovers various future opportunities about the development of the 3D printing.

The researchers took a regular and ordinary 3D printer to perform their research work. Dr. Anne Meyer utters that research team tried to invent a thing that should not be very expensive. The creation also did not require the help of the experts. The simple fact is bacteria can play the key role to lead the 3D printing to produce the bespoke materials like graphene.


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