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Artificial Light System: Radiates Energy Equivalent To 10,000 Suns

Mar 24, 2017 04:06 AM EDT

New Synlight System: Hits the energy of 10,000 Soles
(Photo : Science and More/ You tube) The Artificial Sun, it may sound bit odd but it is really possible in modern science. Now recently, German scientist have manufactured a new powerful light system.

The Artificial Sun, it may sound bit odd but it is really possible in modern science. Now recently, German scientists have manufactured a new powerful artificial light system.

The energy of this artificial light system is equivalent to the radiation of 10,000 suns onto a single spot. Experts hope that this Artificial Sun could be used to produce Eco-Friendly rules.

The impressive artificial light system energy is called Syn-light. The scientist who developed the system assembled an array of 149 Xenon arc lamps. They focused the 350-kilowatt honeycomb shaped matrix onto a single 8x8 inch (20x20cm) metal sheet as per Candlelites. This system is capable of creating temperature as high as 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit. The total dimension of this system is 45 feet height and 52 feet wide.

Now when the artificial light system is focused onto a single point, it heats the metal 1475 degree Fahrenheit then sprayed with water vapor. The metal reacts with the oxygen in water and hydrogen remains. An information shared by Gizmodo, no one can be inside the building when the lights are filliped on. A single second of exposure to the ambient radiation bouncing off the walls would fry a person, experts said.

From the chemistry class, Hydrogen is highly volatile. In fact, hydrogen fuel is capable of combustion with just one-tenth the energy required to light-up gasoline. Now hydrogen could be used to power cars and planes. Alternatively, carbon mono oxide could be added to the mix and create kerosene fuel, that can be used in aviation or rocket industry. Now the most important part of this artificial light system is electricity.

In just four hours, this artificial light system uses the same amount of electricity an average household consumes in an entire year. It requires so much energy to produce clean fuel and it might not actually be all that environmentally-friendly.But scientists hope that a future version will run on solar power.

This artificial light system is still in the testing phase. Now here one question may arise that what is the main purpose of this Syn-light system. Researchers say an auxiliary goal of the Syn-light system is creating more efficient solar panels that can actually produce enough energy to run that thing. Finally, the light system is being developed further in order to make it suitable for industrial tasks.

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