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The Biggest Mystery Of The Entire Universe: What The Dark Matter Really Is

Mar 23, 2017 05:43 AM EDT


Scientists just figure out a huge part of the entire universe. In today’s universe, Dark Matter has a big effect. Now scientists have relatively good idea about how it started and how it is evolving.

There is some pretty basic stuff that doesn't have a clue, experts said. For an example, what the vast majority of the cosmos is actually made of. All the matters in the entire universe, there is at least five times more invisible material called Dark Matter. Its gravitation pulls the outer parts of the spiral galaxy and spins faster than expected.

A recent study published in Nature, that the Dark Matter is even more confusing by suggesting in early galaxies. It was present only in tiny amounts. The study of astronomy is nothing but a battle against gravity. Some more massive galaxies show less or no coherent rotation. But they feature random motions to balance gravity.

Now scientist uttered that, movement of galaxies is an efficient way to determine the amount of gravitational pull. When the rotational velocity stays high away from the central region of a nearby galaxy, this indicates dark matter is there. In fact, scientists believe that each galaxy has a Dark Matter halo that envelops its disc.

Well, there was a lot of gas present in this early galaxy, constantly flowing in from the intergalactic medium. These gas sink into the center of Dark Matter halo and at the same time it piles up them, reported by The Conversation. During these early time, dark matters halos were growing rapidly and were not yet in equilibrium. This means that galaxies could form in regions of lower Dark Matter concentration were higher.

With help of European Large Telescope scientist observed extremely distant galaxy over the years. They found those at the peak epoch of galaxy formation 10 billion years ago. Now they look the modern galaxy after 10 billion years, that are more sensitive than Milky Way. Those are often periodically in shape and their dynamics also point towards the Dark Matter concentration.

Astronomers are still continuing their experiment on this biggest mystery of the universe. They are trying to discover the physics behind it and build up a compact theory on how normal and Dark Matter interact. They still believe that the theory of Dark Matter will be figured out soon.

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