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Coffee Is Now A Preferable Drink For The Americans: New Survey Reveals The Increasing Tendency

Mar 27, 2017 03:52 AM EDT

A current study unveils the growing trend of drinking coffee among the Americans on a regular basis.

Coffee is a favorite drink for a good number of Americans. NCA declares that 2017 shows the increasing trend of taking this hot drink by the citizens of the USA.

Reuters reported that after a declining trend for four years, Americans are now drinking more cups of coffee in 2017. A complete reversal of four years' slow trend. Bill Murray, Executive Officer of the National Coffee Association USA, opines that more people now drink the hot drink on a regular basis.

Young people have the leading tendency to cherish this hot drink. Many people in the world consider coffee as one of the popular beverages. The taste of this beverage works as the key force to cherish more. To some extent, this hot drink also energizes the nervous system and brings refreshment in the body.

A recent survey report reveals the popularity of the gourmet coffee. The survey includes the hot drink that is prepared by the premium beans. The espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos are also the integral part of the study.

Latinos Health previously reported that coffee is a good drink as the key substance in it, caffeine, enhances the energy level. But, the excessive consumption can be fatal. The National Coffee Drinking Trends report has recently unveiled an online survey to explore the consumption tendency of the beverage.

More than three thousand people took part in the survey and 62 percent of them report their regular consumption of coffee. Previously the number was 57 percent in 2016. The past report was released in Austin, Texas at the coffee association's conference.

The recent survey reports thirty-seven percent people belong to the age group of 13-to-18 who acquire the habit of coffee drinking. It shows the increasing tendency from the previous year 2016 which indicated 31 percent. The participants of this survey report that they drunk the beverage the previous day, which was regarded as the habit of daily consumption.

The current report says that sixty-four percent people who belong to the age group of 40-to-59 drink coffee on a regular basis. The previous year shows fifty-three percent people consumed the hot drink. The interesting fact is, 24 percent of the survey participants prefer gourmet category like the espresso-based drink. It was eighteen percent in 2016.

People around the world take coffee as one of the preferable beverages. Now the recent study reveals its increasing trend. No doubt it is a good sign for the health conscious people.

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