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Cancer Is Now the Aftermath of Bad Luck: Scientists Explores This Surprising Opinion Through Research Study

Mar 27, 2017 04:18 PM EDT

A scientist looks at cancer cells
(Photo : Dan Kitwood/Getty Images/Cancer Research UK) A group of scientists unveils that cancer is the ultimate result of bad luck and the research study explores that random mutation in the gene causes this fatal disease.

Researchers are trying enormously to get the right answer to fight cancer, yet a complete breakthrough is still a far reaching goal. People sometimes take it as a bad luck.

Cancer is a much old disease that is still a serious concern for the common people and the medical science. It seems that this disease is now one of the key reasons of panic for a good number of people. According to BGR, a lot of people have changed their lifestyle and availed a more meaningful way to lead a normal life.

A new meaningful lifestyle most probably can beat cancer to some extent, but still, it is one of the biggest health worries. A new research study reveals that anxiety can't solve this problem as getting cancer is actually a bad luck. It is obvious that currently, new ways have created some possibilities to lessen the chances of this fatal disease.

Cancer can be the aftermath of a particular reason or it can be a problem that is devoid of any external influence. Most of the times science failed to find the answer or kept the distance from the true reason. This fact is penned by the scientists of the Johns Hopkins University and the research study is available in the popular journal Science.

The research study explores those misinterpreted and missing facts that the previous researchers avoided. This thing also brings a change and surprise in the mentioned figures. The research team has tried to find out the exact reason of the genetic mutation that ultimately causes cancer. The team has also explored the key influence that brings this outcome.

The interesting fact is after the extensive research the availed data have unveiled that 66 percent of the genetic mutations have errors in the DNA. This random error is the final source of cancer. Other important factors like smoking, pollution accounts for 29 percent and 5 percent depict the inherited qualities.

Researchers opine that DNA mutation is not a frequent fact that occurs in genes and so it doesn't bring the said consequence. The truth is when a mutation occurs randomly in certain genes and the outcome is cancer, then one can consider it as a bad luck. History proves that human civilization always has conquered the impossible task and one day this bad patch of the society can also be eliminated completely.

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