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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date: New Hope For Announcement At the Redmond-Based Tech Giant Event in October

Mar 29, 2017 01:24 AM EDT


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date have disappointed its fans several times. However, the Redmond-based tech giant event gives a new hope.

Last year, fans and tech enthusiasts hoped for the release date of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 at a special event of the Redmond-based tech company which was usually held in October. Because the Surface Pro 5 have disappointed its fans several times since its disappearance at the MWC event, people hopes that the tablet will be unveiled in October this year.

ZDNet reported that there are no brand-new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 or even Surface Book that was released in 2016. The last released of the Microsoft is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 two years ago, at an October event.

Meanwhile, according to MobiPicker which announced last year the confirmation of the upcoming 2-in-1 hybrid laptop, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is scheduled to be released at an October 26 event. The event was recalled as the Redmond-based tech giant event hosted by the company.

However, the speculation though confirmed was not conceptualized, the reason why until now, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is still much-awaited. Several speculations spread over and over pertaining to the delay of the coming of the Surface Pro 5 tablet.

To recall, rumors claimed a few months ago that it was the Windows 10 Creators Update which keeps the long period of the unveiling of the Surface Pro 5. While others claim that it was the unfinished processor which taking the release date too long. Additionally, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 was rumored to have unfinalized processor whether it will come with Intel Kaby Lake Core i7, AMD Ryzen or Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 chip.

At this point, there are no other event that fans can keep in touch for the announcement of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 aside from the usual Redmond-based tech giant event usually held in October. Or if Microsoft will surprise the fans, the upcoming Surface Hardware Event can also feature the Surface Pro 5 soon.

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