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World's Weirdest Farms From The Most Hospitable Locations On Earth And Space

Mar 30, 2017 06:31 PM EDT

World's Weirdest Farms: Space Farming
(Photo : CCTV English/Youtube) World's Weirdest Farms: Space Farming

People only knew traditional and high-tech farming nowadays. They do not know about how the world's weirdest farms look like.

The world's weirdest farms do not just sprout but a product of people's needs and wants. Popular Science reported that these world's weirdest farms do cannot only be found in regions where farming is consistent but in places such as in Antarctica and even to the International Space Station.

Somehow not only plant farms are on its weirdness but also animals have the world's weirdest farms. According to CBC, animal weirdest farms could be comprised of carnivorous animals and plants, leech farm and more.

For instance, the South Pole in Antarctica also has the world's weirdest farm. an inconspicuous shipping container is used to grow some order of 40 different kinds of plants like strawberries and basils. The plants do not only produce food for the researchers who need to stay in the place but also the plants gives psychological comfort for them.

Another kind of the world's weirdest farms is space farming. Nowadays, astronauts get used from silver packets and chalky ice cream for they already changed their eating diet in space. NASA comes to the point that it have to do some innovation using space gardening machinery.

The Advanced Plant Habitat is the latest tool of the agency which makes it one of the world's weirdest farms. The APH has a size of a mini fridge that used to produce basil and potatoes in space. This makes farming an economy savior for it helps save dollars and sense.

To note, during the World War II era, people already have the world's weirdest farms located on raid shelters 100 feet below the streets of London. During that time, people used LED lights and hydroponic or soil-free farming techniques which led them to raise and grow 20 different kinds of crops.

The world's weirdest farms do not only indicate how farming can help save people from hunger but also a solution for global warming. Farming is comprised of so many varieties and so many ways to make people survive, but it's the people's innovation and creativity that would make farming sustain their food needs in times of chaos.

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