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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date. Phone Guide Leaks Incredible Features

Mar 29, 2017 07:10 PM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Phone Guide
(Photo : Forflies /Youtube) Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Phone Guide

Samsung Galaxy S8 upcoming flagship is coming today. The Samsung phone's guide revealed leaks before the Samsung Event.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 phone will be unveiled today at 4 pm BST (11 am ET), Mail Online reported. Samsung will finally release the much-awaited phone along with livestream events in New York and London.

Of course, the Samsung Unpacked 2017 Event of the South Korean firm has a goal of claiming back the trust of the people after what happened from the Samsung Galaxy S7. Meanwhile, what's really interesting with the Samsung Galaxy S8 recently is its phone guide.

According to The Verge, the Samsung Galaxy S8 revealed the truth behind every speculation of the phone, right before the New York event. The whole Samsung phone guide was posted online and is available for download when Phandroid caught the entire document.

The guide gave a precise overview of the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S8. One of it is the presence of the Edge Screen that is packed with super-slim bezels, and the intelligent assistant of the phone-the Bixby.

More so, just like Microsoft Surface Phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has its own connection to use the phone like a computer with a keyboard and mouse called the Samsung Dex. Meanwhile, the existence of the "Bluetooth Dual Audio" feature was not even hinted to be coming from all of the speculations. This feature will let a user stream audio using Bluetooth even in two different speakers or headsets with independent volume control.

Aside from these, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature an Always On Display, Multi Window, and Edge Screen as part of its Infinity Display. Plus, included in the phone guide are the variety of features for Intelligent Life such as the Hello Bixby, Reminder, Bixby Vision and the Bixby Intelligent Voice Assistance.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone features strict Security like Iris Recognition, Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Samsung Pass, and Folder Secure. There are other features such as the Samsung Pay, Dex, Cloud, Connect, Connection with Gear, Dual Audio, and Water Resistant. With all of these incredible features of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the phone will surely bring back the flag of Samsung on top.

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