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Samsung DeX Dock Station Release Date, Price, Specs & Features That Would Turn Galaxy S8 Into A PC

Mar 30, 2017 11:34 PM EDT

Samsung DeX
(Photo : eTube Tech/Youtube) Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX dock brings incredible feature of converting a phone into the desktop. Check out the latest news and updates.

The Samsung DeX is a unique device for the Samsung Galaxy S8, wherein users can connect the mouse, keyboard, and monitor to the mobile phone and use it like a desktop computer. PC Advisor reported that the new device followed the device released by Microsoft presenting the same features.

The Samsung DeX comes along with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the price of less than $200. More so, the Samsung DeX is expected to come on bundle deals with the Galaxy S8 when it comes on sale.

According to CNET, the Samsung DeX has two big advantages and is designed to make the Samsung Galaxy S8 more powerful and access specially optimized version of Android apps. More so, the Samsung DeX may look like a hockey puck when seated on a table. Inside, it supports USB Type-C connector where the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be plugged.

Just like a usual computer, the Samsung DeX will let users run apps in Windows and at the same time view several screens at a time. At the same time, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 is on the DeX and being used, users can make some reply to text messages, use the web browser, watch videos, listen to music, play games or even edit their documents.

The Samsung DeX is also easy to use for it works on the same Android-based interface just like the usual operating system. It even has complete menus and the windows are resizable with complete apps such as Acrobat Reader, and Lightroom Mobile and Office.

While the Samsung DeX is in use, users can still switch to the usual Windows 10 desktop anytime. As the Samsung DeX gets very useful and works as a desktop computer, it makes carrying easy and very portable.

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