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Apple's iPhone 8 Discloses New Advance Technology

Apr 04, 2017 01:47 AM EDT

iPhone 8 Latest Feature
(Photo : EverythingApplePro/ You Tube) As , Tim Cook and his team continue to prepare the presumptively named iPhone 8 for a release later in 2017. The timing might hand Samsung’s Galaxy S8 an advantage in terms of being first to market, but it means that to basic smartphone elements, such as the removal of the physical home key.

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most fascinating and captivating devices in modern days. After achieved a great success of iPhone 7, Tim Cook and his team is preparing to reveal the next iPhone 8 later in 2017.

A few days ago, Samsung had revealed their Galaxy S8 model which is still maintaining a good impact on the market.This is an advantage for Apple, they have a chance to improve on some of the S8’s solutions such as a physical home key. Although, iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to remove the dedicated home button from the bottom bezel.

This new innovation from Apple is one of that is well used throughout Android ecosystem. The price of iPhone 8 will be down in the mid to low range handsets where the software can reproduce the button on home screen.

However, Apple is following the same trend what others did earlier. Finally, they have decided to detach the home button from the iPhone reported by Forbes. Apart from this, Apple is also working on the user interaction model for its own community fans. Again company said that there are so many advanced technologies that might be introduced in the new iPhone 8.

Nowadays fingerprint scanner is not a new feature anymore. It is already revealed by Samsung Galaxy S8 in this year. This is a solution many manufacturers have followed. At the same time, it does feel a touch ungainly and requires a certain amount of flex in the average non-dominant hand to reach the sensor.Based on the latest report by MSN, Apple may be behind the curve in some design cues. Biometric security is still a far better idea for iPhone 8.

This year iPhone 8 flagship is expected to use a different style of Touch ID sensors. Most surprisingly, Apple granted another pattern for the most accurate way to embed fingerprint reader. This new feature is so called ‘discrete ultrasonic transducers’. Tim Cook and his group of experts follow the trend and add a bit of magic. They said that this is the only way to achieve success and that only Apple can do.

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