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After Surprise Profits, Blackberry Targets Wearable & Medical Software

Apr 04, 2017 08:35 AM EDT

BlackBerry now aims at wearables and medical software.
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In the latest announcement, BlackBerry's top management has declared that the company is looking to indulge into new product segments. These segments include wearable technologies, medical devices, appliances, and tablets. The Canadian company has revealed this as the latest phase in its licensing strategy.

According to Gadgets and Wearables, BlackBerry made a prominent mark in the Smartphone market in 2013, having a base of more than 80 million customers globally. However, due to the rapid rise of Android and iOS mobile devices, BlackBerry announced its retirement from designing its own phones and involved into outsourcing to partners. As per reports, BlackBerry is now looking to use its technology in developing new products like wearable gadgets and medical devices.

John Chen, CEO, BlackBerry, said in a statement that this idea of expansion has evolved from a very long term and thoughtful way of approaching the licensing strategy of the company. He also added that BlackBerry will be working to integrate its "BlackBerry Secure" software into branded and co-branded products. "BlackBerry Secure" will ensure protection from the hacking of the medical devices software and ensure a secure connection to the healthcare system.

According to ZDnet, after the retirement of the Canadian company from the mobile market in September 2016 as an independent manufacturer, the shares naturally had fallen. To get back on its feet, BlackBerry purchased the technology from "Good" for $425 million. This eventually gave BlackBerry the much-required credibility to manage devices with multiple operating systems.

Besides, the acquisition of QNX technology in 2010 turned out to make BlackBerry a key player in the auto industry. The move to keep the load off its shoulders and the decision to act as only a partner with the third parties to develop devices also paid off well for BlackBerry.

As per the experts, the growth of BlackBerry now depends on the usage of QNX technology in every software development work it involves itself. Along with this, the asset tracking system of BlackBerry dubbed Radar should ensure perfect protection for the BlackBerry made devices. Experts opine that the market opportunity for both the technologies can lead BlackBerry to a profitable position in the near future.

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