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iPhone 8 Price Predicted: Apple May Price It Around $1000

Apr 05, 2017 05:15 AM EDT

iPhone8 is rumored to be priced around $1000 for the 256 GB model
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Apple's next offering, the iPhone 8, is supposed to cost at $850 to $900 for its 64GB variant. The 256GB variant is predicted to be available at a price range of $950 to $1000. Experts have started to compare the 64GB variant with the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, ranged at $840 to $850.

According to Macrumors, the pricing strategy of the flagship iPhone is claimed to be a part of Apple's "Mainstream Luxury" pricing strategy. The 5.8-inch display of the iPhone 8 is considered to be a disadvantage in comparison to the 6.2-inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, so the experts predict that Apple will look to offer the same pricing as Samsung. In the case of the 256GB variant of the iPhone 8, it is going to be the first Smartphone with a four digit price tag ($1000} in the US.

Reportedly, the iPhone 8 is going to exceed the price of iPhone 7 Plus by at least $70-$80. The edge-to-edge OLED display with narrow bezels of the iPhone 8 is also a feature that resembles the Samsung Galaxy S8. True Tone display can also be a crucial feature of the iPhone 8.

According to CNBC, the Apple iPhone 8 likely to be priced at $1000, might give Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus advantage from the market. Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to be priced at $720 while the bigger screen variant, the Galaxy S8 Plus, is supposed to be priced at $840. Experts are speculating whether Apple will be ready to hand out a pricing advantage by that much margin to its arch rival.

However, experts opine that certain features present in the Apple iPhone 8 can aptly justify the Smartphone being pricier than the Samsung Galaxy S8. It includes a front-facing   3D sensing camera, embedded fingerprint sensor and a better quality facial recognition system than that of the Galaxy S8.

Stock market experts are reassigning the price target for Apple's stock to be at $151, much above the mean of $147. In some cases, the price target of Apple's stock has been raised from $140 to $150.

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