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Samsung May Take Some More Time To Reveal Its Foldable Smartphones

Apr 05, 2017 02:23 PM EDT


Samsung has always been known for evolving innovative technology trends with its new range of smartphones. The South Korean tech giant has long been expected to launch a next-gen range of foldable handsets. Primarily, it was said that Samsung would launch its first foldable stunner by the end of 2016. But later the estimated timeline was shifted to 2017. But a new revelation by the company's executive has finally confirmed that the foldable masterpiece won't make its public debut before 2019.

According to Digital Trends, the principal engineer of Samsung Display Kim Tae-Woong recently stated in the Display TechSalon event that the company is focusing more on the bezel-free range of smartphones rather than designing a foldable handset. While asked about the reason, he said that the smartphone fans are now more attracted to bezel-free handsets than anything else. So, keeping up with the current pace of the market Samsung is more interested in manufacturing an ample number of smart devices designed with bezel-less display panels.

As per another report by GSMArena, Kim's words has caused a ray of uncertainty around the alleged debut of Galaxy X which was earlier hinted to have a foldable display. The smartphone was indicated to launch at IFA event which is scheduled to held in September this year. However, Korean tech analyst Chung Won-seok regarded this as a good decision as he also pointed out that Samsung Display has gained 20% of its operating profit just for the bezel-less edge to edge OLED display panels.

He also exclaimed that Samsung is witnessing an exceptional demand of its bezel-less smartphones in the current market. Chung further stated that Samsung would move its focus towards making foldable handsets when bezel-less handsets will lose its popularity among buyers. However, Kim later admitted that the technology for foldable smartphone is still under development and most probably it would take some time to be completed fully.

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