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Samsung DeX Station Price, Features: Turn Your Samsung Galaxy S8 into a Desktop; How, Where to Pre-Order

Apr 07, 2017 04:30 PM EDT

Samsung DeX Station
(Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Find out the details about a docking device that turns your Samsung Galaxy into a desktop. Samsung DeX Station is here.

As Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out on the market this month, the tech giant has also revealed its Samsung DeX Station. The South Korea company is expected to let users experience their smartphone as a desktop via the docking device.

According to Tech Radar, the Samsung DeX Station is short for "docking experience" as the device lets people insert their Samsung Galaxy S8 in the hub. Hence, connecting it would let the smartphone be a micro-PC while being connected to the monitor along with keyboard support.

The Samsung DeX Station device is also said to have necessary ports. It is reported to pack a pair of USB 2.0 Type-A ports for connectivity while its USB Type-C port serves as a connector for charging. A LAN Ethernet and an HDMI output are also said to be included in the main dock pack.

The Samsung DeX Station is expected to have its built-in fan to cool up the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. Productivity is ensured as the dock provides multiple windows and apps from both the devices.

Speaking of pre-order, Samsung DeX Station is said to be available for the price of $149.99 as Go Android reported. The websites that cater pre-orders are said to be Amazon and Samsung’s own site. Yet, the shipping was announced by Samsung to start in early May while Amazon said that the docking device would start shipping on April 20 as Samsung Galaxy S8 releases on April 21.

Amazon’s pre-order for Samsung DeX Station wasn’t just mentioned to be the only one prepped for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Cases and fast chargers for Samsung’s flagship device are also said to be available for pre-order on the site.

While the pre-order is already available for U.S. consumers, the Samsung DeX Station’s availability in U.K. is said to be accessed through online retailer Clove for £129.99. Pre-order shipping schedules have yet to be announced.

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