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NASA Set To Send A Mission To Venus As Preparation For A Man Exploration In Mars

Apr 09, 2017 02:05 PM EDT


NASA is taking its space exploration to another level. After years of preparations and planning, the well-known aerospace program agency is set to send a mission to planet Venus. But the mission is said to be part of the future plan for a human to explore Mars.

For over the years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA was tasked to discover, research and study the possibility living things in space and explore it by all means available. With that, the space agency has launched many space investigations from the small ones up to the ambitious explorations outside our planet and even outside our universe.

Just last month, Daily Mail reported that NASA has teamed up with the Russian space program to examine Venus. The Russian Academy of Sciences' Space Research Institute has discussed and met with the US space agency to plan a joint exploration mission on 'Earth's evil twin.'

The joint exploration was called Venera-D mission which aims to further study Venus climate and living organism that is being investigated for over the years. The collaboration between NASA and the Russian space agency is planning to send a solar-powered aircraft that will orbit the Venus atmosphere for three months and determine the planet's surface from above.

For over the decade, Russia has been working out to send a mission to Venus and for a couple of years, they have been in touch with NASA to make it happen. And now, the project is said to be well on his way of taking place in the coming years but it is not all about Venus anymore.

According to Forbes, the crewed mission to Venus could also open the way to have a human exploration to Mars. The task of going to the Red Planet have been long under the large and ambitious project for NASA. And if the Venus exploration would be successful, the voyage to Mars will surely be the next focus.

Private companies like SpaceX are already communicating with NASA to have this grand journey pushed through. But there is still a big challenge to prepare for the Venus mission first and the US space agency is confident that they will overcome this trial and it will benefit other space mission lined up most especially that with Mars.

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