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Record-Breaking First Female Astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson Takes The ISS Again

Apr 10, 2017 06:17 PM EDT

Record-Breaking First Female Astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson
(Photo : giveaways4you/Youtube) Record-Breaking First Female Astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson

Dr. Peggy Whitson, first female astronaut from NASA brings pride again. For the second time, she will take command of the ISS.

Dr. Peggy Whitson from NASA is the current record-breaking female astronaut in the universe, Space reported that she will be about to become the first woman to command the International Space Station twice right before three space fliers return to Earth.

According to Sky News, the 57-year-old female astronaut will have to spend more time of her life before her retirement in space compared to other US astronauts. Dr. Whitson's extended journey on April 24, 2017, will surpass the record of the current holder Jeff Williams from NASA with 534 days.

Dr. Whitson is the first female astronaut to take charge for the second time the $100 Billion ISS on Sunday. Also, she already holds the record for a woman who did spend the most time in space as well as done spacewalking.

She earned her record-breaking role as the first female space station commander when she was sent for an expedition in 2008 for Expedition 16. Now, to give her the second time as the ISS commander, US astronaut Commander Shane Kimbrough handed over to her the command.

To note, Shane Kimbrough along with Russian cosmonauts Andrey Borisenko and Sergey Ryzhikov departed the ISS and set back to Earth. Thus, leaving the female astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson the total command along with her two crew members: Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy and French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

The female astronaut Dr. Whitson will welcome the coming of other crew members that will arrive on April 20 and will be leaving in September. They are Russian Fyodor Yurchikhin and NASA Jack Fischer.

Dr. Peggy Whitson's achievement for being the first female astronaut to command the International Space Station twice is such a pride. Besides, she had broken number of other records like being the oldest woman to go to space, performed spacewalking and spend the most time despite her age and gender.

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