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Kentucky Coal Mining Museum Embraces Solar Energy, Lowering Energy Costs

Apr 11, 2017 03:56 AM EDT


The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is adopting solar energy. Yes, the small town Benham, Kentucky, is famous for coal mining industry and now wants to embrace the renewable energy.

The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Benham, Kentucky, is preparing to embrace the solar energy. The key reason behind using the solar panels is to lower the energy costs, Mashable stated. Benham is a very small place with a small population.

The owners of the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum have decided to build an array of solar panels on the top of the museum. Brandom Robinson, the owner of the museum, opines that the renewable energy can cut the annual cost of this museum by between $8,000 and $10,000. Robinson is also the spokesman for the Southeast Community and Technical College.

Even a few years ago availing solar energy was a costly matter, but now with the introduction of modern technology, it is an easy task. The use of renewable energy or electricity is increasing rapidly. Even last year, investors took initiatives to enhance this process globally. In a word, the world is acquiring a huge amount of energy by investing less amount of money like the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum.

Increasing awareness among the people enhances the choice of using clean and renewable energy. Solar energy is one of them as it produces no pollution at all. The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is a good example that indicates the increasing trend of using renewable energy in future times.

Surprisingly, when the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is ready to fit with the solar energy, then the U.S. President Donald Trump is advocating fossil fuels. In a recent order, the President is trying to boost up the American coal industry, which is quite a hard job to become real. Currently, a stiff competition exists between the renewable energy and the fossil fuel energy.

Angus McCrone, the chief editor of the Bloomberg New Energy Finance, utters significant words about the recent changes by the new U.S. administration on energy. He opines that though the new order is surfacing, but still solar energy should be expanded. Interestingly, two scientists have recently built an electrode similar to the existing pattern of an American fern to store solar energy, The Science Times reported. The switching from fossil fuel energy to solar energy for the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum reveals the increasing acceptance of the renewable energy.

The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum came into existence in 1994. The museum stores evidence of the state's coal mining history. The evidence includes photographs, previous mining tools and a block of two-ton coal.

The coal industry is one of the key sources of the economy in Benham, Kentucky. The use of solar energy for the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum doesn't mean the small town is resisting the traditional source of energy. But, the advent of the renewable energy surely indicates the effort to acquire a clean environment.

Environmentalists always advocate the clean energy in order to slash the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the air. Fossil fuel is still the major source of energy, but it is the need of the hour to decrease that trend. Use of solar energy in the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum can expand that awareness.


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