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NASA Captured Mind-blowing Image Of Jupiter's Stormy Clouds

Apr 13, 2017 01:58 AM EDT

Juno Captures Image Of A Stormy Jupiter Atmosphere.
(Photo : Wochit News / YouTube) After launching back in 2011, NASA's Juno spacecraft arrived at it's destination last June. Set on a course for Jupiter, the craft took years to reach the gas giant, but June is in the planet's orbit and taking stunning images. One of the latest released by NASA depicts the planet's swirling and stormy atmosphere.

The Juno Spacecraft from NASA has captured some mind-blowing images from the planet Jupiter. It looks like a work of art. The image is all about the stormy clouds of Jupiter and is so artistic that scientist term it as the best Jupiter pic yet.

According to Gizmodo, the stormy clouds image from Jupiter has been taken by NASA's Juno Spacecraft on 27 March 2017 at 5.06 AM EDT while Juno was performing its fifth Jovian flyby. When the image was captured, the spacecraft was flying high at 7,900 miles above Jupiter's cloud and was appearing in a stormy region. This new up-close image of Jupiter is very impressive.

NASA studies the atmosphere and its components for Jupiter. The atmosphere of Jupiter has 90 percent of hydrogen in it. Compounds such as ammonia, sulfur, water vapor or methane are present in a very small fraction. The temperature and the pressure increases when traveling from the outermost edges to the center of Jupiter hence clouds being formed.

NASA reported that the image shows an icy blue streak. This icy blue streak is one of the so-called "long-lived storms" of Jupiter. Great red spots also appear in the image, which represents that the storms are extremely chaotic. The Juno team is looking forward to studying the cause of these events over Jupiter within the next few months.

The mission from NASA for the planet Jupiter and spacecraft Juno will end in February 2018. Before ending the mission, Juno will study more about the composition of Jupiter's atmosphere and the planet's magnetosphere. Apart from these images, NASA will receive more images, in fact, artistic images of Jupiter by Juno until it dies in the year 2018. There much more discovery left for Jupiter and Juno is on the way for discovering more and more about the massive planet.

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