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The Secret On How Black Holes Collide & Merge Finally Revealed

Apr 13, 2017 01:34 AM EDT


Black holes in the space are still a big mystery for scientist and astronomers and undergo serious studies from them. But latest news has finally revealed what's taking place if the said phenomenon collides and merge in space.

A black hole is a natural phenomenon in spacetime that exhibits strong gravitational effects to all matter even particles or a light cannot escape from it. This phenomenon swallows all living or nonliving things space without qualms making a terrifying event in space. It was long way being studied by early scientist such the great Albert Einstein, who made some hints about it.

And in 1972, three astronomers Charles Thomas Bolton, Louise Webster and Paul Murdin discovered the first black hole event in the cosmos. And after almost five decades, another breakthrough was witness by scientist and astronomers of today by the use of advanced technology.

According to a study published just recently says that a model called Compact Object Mergers: Population Astrophysics and Statistics or COMPAS was developed to explore the astrophysical implications of gravitational-wave observations. The research also aims to understand how binary black holes formed and to further comprehend the binary evolution of these events.

COMPAS can help in so many ways as a tool for statistical analysis and for model selection letting presumption heads into a detailed stellar and binary evolution. And just recently, they were able to observe an event of black holes and broaden the study of it.

According to Seeker, three gravitational waves was detected by LIGO or the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory and now under the further studies. The said waves are coming from the collision of two black holes located 1.3 billion light-years away from Earth. Researchers are now analyzing the said collision and what happens when the merge occur.

For now, the group of the researchers has formed an idea of how these black holes were developed which is a big help in understanding how it really started. Sooner or later these studies will be very useful for scientist how to prepare for it in case it happen near our galaxy.

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