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Microsoft Can Still Benefit From Their Own Android Smartphone

Apr 13, 2017 04:52 PM EDT

A Logo of Microsoft at the Mobile World Congress
(Photo : David Ramos / Stringer for Getty images) A logo sits illuminated outside the Microsoft pavilion on the opening day of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Reports on the internet indicate that one of Google's primary competitor Microsoft will now sell their own variant of the Galaxy S8 smartphones from Samsung that run on Google's Android operating environment. That said, Microsoft has developed a lot of apps for the Google play store primarily their office suit which still is superior to Google's own similar applications by a small margin.

Imagine Microsoft selling an Android phone? It's now a reality after all. That said, Microsoft's Samsung Galaxy S8 variants will only be sold through brick and mortar stores only, according to details from Android Authority. After the following news broke out, Microsoft smartphone fans started questioning Microsoft's move considering the shabby situation of their own smartphones in the markets.

Microsoft has, for a long time, given up on dominating the smartphone industry with their smartphones running on a Windows ecosystem. This is due to lack of developers showing an active interest in bringing out applications to a Windows mobile platform for a long time now. Windows users are still relying on third-party applications for the most part.

Reports from the Tech Republic states that Microsoft doesn't really care much about selling a smartphone that primarily runs on an ecosystem owned by their primary smartphone competitors. However, their main focus now will have to rely on offering their subscription based apps if they have to make a difference.

Microsoft can still benefit from bringing out an android smartphone filled with their own applications. Like for example, Microsoft office suite will completely replace applications like Skype, authenticator, primary office applications like word, powerpoint, excel, OneNote etc. With Cortana replacing Google Assistant, and OneDrive replacing Google Drive, the possibilities are plenty for the software giant.

Microsoft has moved into a software-based service provider ever since Satya Nadella took charge as the CEO of the Redmond firm. Hence, it's more of a service provider than hardware manufacturer just like before. 

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