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Fitbit Smartwatch Of 2017: Here's Everything To Know About The Upcoming Wearable

Apr 14, 2017 05:12 AM EDT

Fitbit Blaze is the smartest, most motivating, most stylish fitness tracker yet.
(Photo : Fitbit / YouTube) Designed with an enhanced fitness experience, advanced coaching, new smart features and easily interchangeable accessories, this smart fitness watch is as versatile as it is personal.

Fitness-focused Fitbit has always been the center of rumors due to its excellence, innovation and perfection in the operation of its product offerings in the wearable technology segment. Rumors like high-end sensors, rebuilt software and apps with diverse functionality to be included in the next Fitbit smartwatch are one of the discussed topics across the globe.

According to PC Advisor, Fitbit CEO James Park committed in a press release that Fitbit Smartwatch is in the development and will soon be released. He expressed his views to capitalise by investing in its core product offerings while also stretch to smartwatch category so as to diversify its market share as well as revenue of the over $10 billion global smartwatch market.

According to Digital Trends, the next Fitbit smartwatch will have a familiar look. Who apparently got access to a presentation deck shown by Fitbit to its retail partners Best Buy and Target, could gain an design related intelligence that Fitbit's new smartwatch will have aluminium in its core design and will also be a waterproof watch both of which has a significant resemblance to last year's Blaze.

This would not have a good impact - as some users are already registering complaints and a source also commented the device as "retro looking". But a noteworthy feature is that Fitbit is addressing its biggest shortcoming of not providing GPS facility. The Fitbit smartwatch is reported to track jogging, walking, cycling routes on a map for reference just like Apple Watch Series 2. Fitbit's next watch is said to have a color display with 1,000 nits of brightness.

It will also contain a heart-rate monitoring chip along with support for Apple Watch style contactless payments. Due to some manufacturing glitches in making the device completely waterproof and GPS compliant, the Fitbit's next smartwatch is now expected to launch in the fall of 2017 instead of spring.

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