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Tesla Model 3 Confirmed To Officially Debut in July 2017

Apr 14, 2017 03:48 PM EDT


Tesla has been long rumored for its next stunning vehicle Model 3. Though potential sources, experts and analysts have not been able to reveal much about the upcoming masterpiece. It is now the company's Chief Executive Officer who came up with some important updates about the car's launch date, He cleared the air of high speculations with an early release of the stunner by July 2017.

According to Engadget, while attending to a fan's post on Twitter, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk made it clear that the company would definitely unveil Model 3 in July this year. It was also stated that the viewers will see the first appearance of the original edition of Tesla Model 3 by the mentioned timeline, not any sort of prototype of the model. He also made some other announcements side by side. Musk said that the car lovers will witness another set of semi-truck vehicle packed with latest technical equipment from the house of Tesla by the end of September this year only.

As per another report by TechCrunch, Tesla has had already revealed the first look of Model 3 in a press event back in April 2016. But no camera was allowed to take up snaps of it then. What most of the spectators present in that event gathered from that first revealing was Model 3 looked as of a follow up to Tesla's Model S. However, Musk has had also exclaimed that Model 3 is not one of the top-end creations of Tesla. He earlier mentioned in one of his tweets, back in March that the upcoming vehicle is just a "lower-specced option" of the company, breaking many of Tesla fans dream to witness the best of the brand with it Model 3.

However, Tesla has not arrived at any clear point of pricing details about its Model 3. But trustworthy sources are expecting that the base version of the car would cost around $35000 in the US. All the major facts like specs, features, pricing index, availability can only be determined as soon as Tesla uncovers Model 3 in July 2017

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