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Russia Built Humanoid Robot For Shooting In Space Mission, But 'It's Not Terminator'

Apr 16, 2017 05:47 AM EDT

Russia humanoid robot ready for space mission
(Photo : Latest Military News/Youtube) Russia humanoid robot ready for space mission

Russia is prepared for a solo space mission in 2021. The country built its own humanoid robot for shooting in the space mission.

Independent reported the new Russia's humanoid robot, Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research or FEDOR. The robot is currently on a training for shooting in space using it's both hands. This is a clear fact that Russia's plans for a solo space mission in 2021 are being conceptualized.

According to the LAD Bible, the humanoid robot is incredibly cool and somehow terrifying. But then, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister insisted that the humanoid robot is for the space mission and not a terminator. It will not be a wreaking havoc on Earth for war against countries, but it will be sent off into space.

The Russia's humanoid robot is set for space travel and will be about to leave the Earth's atmosphere in 2021. Now, FEDOR is on a training for gaining further skills and tricks as preparation for its space mission. The humanoid robot can now put out a fire and drive as its first among its skills.

However, it's unclear whether the humanoid robot from Russia can defend itself from the aliens and the like. Meanwhile, a new video uploaded by the Russia Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin showed FEDOR in a shooting scene using dual-welding pistols with great accuracy.

Minister Rogozin clearly made his statement regarding some speculations that the Russia humanoid robot might cause harm. "We are not creating a Terminator, but artificial intelligence that will be of great practical significance in various fields," he assured.

Besides, the Android Technics and the Advanced Research Fund mentioned that the Russia humanoid robot was originally created to perform rescue works and not for the military. But, just like on everyone's concern, FEDOR some suggested using FEDOR for the military as it can be loaded with several weapons and is very powerful.

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