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Scientists Discover New Method To Produce Water From Thin Air

Apr 17, 2017 03:32 AM EDT


If alternate ways to procure water is not found, the water scarcity will eventually wipe out the humanity from the face of the Earth. Though there have been researchers going around for a very long time, a recently discovered method is claimed to eliminate this fear of water shortage by making water from thin air.

According to Independent, the solar device was invented 20 years ago by Professor Yaghi, a chemist at the University of California, in collaboration with Professor Evelyn Wang, an engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The device uses the solar power and a special material to produce as much as 2.8 liters of water in 12 hours.

"A person needs about a [330ml] can of water per day. That is something one could collect in less than an hour with this system" Tells Professor Yaghi. To an extent, this method can solve the problem of water harvesting from the low humidity air. In a place like an isolated desert, this device can prove to be a lifesaver. The best part of the device is that it can work efficiently even in conditions where the humidity is as low as 20%.

According to National Public Radio, this is not the first such water harvester but it definitely works better in dry environments and uses very little power. Metal Organic Framework (MOF) the special material used for the device is made by mixing metal and organic compounds. Since the MOF powder is very porous, researchers have suggested to utilize them in capturing carbon dioxide or storing hydrogen or methane.

MOF powder easily absorbs liquid water as well as water vapors. Since atmosphere naturally contains water molecules, the device is even effective in low humidity areas. Instead of the conventional power sources like electricity, the prototype uses solar light to extract the water from the MOF.

Considering the speed at which water levels are going down, finding alternate water sources and is the need of the hour. This new discovery is definitely leading the researchers in the right direction and water from the air is no more just a magic trick but a reality.

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