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Samsung Galaxy S8’s 8-Point Battery Safety Check Ensures It Will Not Explode

Apr 17, 2017 08:04 AM EDT

Samsung Unveils New Galaxy S8 Phone
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Samsung promises their new S8 lithium ion batteries to be non explosive and safe for its users.

The numerous records of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries has reached headlines all over the world, creating anxiety to its users. After a major recall and replacement, there was still an increasing number of users that report their mobile phones to explode. Samsung has since decided to finally pull the plug on the device, sending the company down to billions worth of losses.

It has been reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the new promising face of Samsung that would bring back all the lost revenue. Their promise - a new and improved high capacity lithium-ion battery technology that will surely deviate away from any risks of explosion and unwanted burning. According to a report from Mashable, the Galaxy S8's battery is so efficient and protected that it will not even burn nor explode when stabbed.

According to a report from Forbes, these kinds of battery technology is relatively new since mobile companies all over the world have started to question how to make their mobiles safe for its users. A common problem will be the instability of its batteries. Since then, there had been ongoing researches on creating a fireproofing and fire retarding systems that are built-in to batteries.

To avoid history from repeating itself, Samsung has formulated a new "8-point battery safety check" on top of all the new fire-retardation technology built into their batteries. This particular check involves putting the phone into extreme scenarios such as hammering, heating up, and the like. It has also been checked via machines and lastly by human inspection.

These tests have ensured that the battery will not spark up and start a flame at any kind of pressure or puncturing. Famous YouTube reviewers seem to be agreeing with this new technology from Samsung. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid these kinds of extreme testing at home.

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