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Apple iPhone 8 To Enable VR Photography, Vertical Clicks

Apr 18, 2017 12:03 PM EDT


Apple has long been thought to develop a totally new sort of design with its next iPhone flagship. The smartphone has been a subject of wide speculations throughout last few months. Although it is still not known whether it would be named as iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition or anything else. As per the latest insight, the handset would be designed like a sandwich made by glass surface and strapped sideways by a metal panel. The look of iPhone 8 is hinted to be more like a mixture of iPhone 4 and Apple Watch.

According to BGR, the schematic design of Apple's next-gen smartphone: iPhone 8 is said to boast glass panels on the both front and rear ends with a stainless steel made strap sealing these side by side. Apple's creativity with stainless steel can be witnessed with its other existing devices as well. The tech giant has had earlier equipped stainless steel made the rear panel in its iPhone 4 as well. Simultaneously, Apple watch also sports steel made straps on its both sides.

As per another report by 9to5Mac, Apple's iPhone 8 would also have big advancements in its camera quotient, besides all other developments. The report suggests that the handset will stick to the dual camera setup first introduced in Apple's royal range of smartphones by iPhone 7 Plus. Additionally, the horizontal layout of the camera scheme would be converted into a vertical instance. This improvement is hinted to be executed for enabling VR shots capturing capability.

So much has been known about Apple's next iPhone 8 but there is no exact insight available yet to any potential or trustworthy source about the placement or replacement of Apple's iconic Touch ID support on the smartphone. Apple iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are also said to boast world class features. Although, nothing about their price index, availability have been retained from anywhere.

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