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Meteor Shower Peaking Up Now: More Fire Balls To Be Seen In Sky By Weekend

Apr 18, 2017 06:20 PM EDT


In childhood days, perhaps everybody enjoyed shooting stars. The moment is coming back to the skies with the Lyrid meteor shower. The exciting moments has just begun making its way for this year. And as per the latest insight, the meteor shower will glow at its best within this weekend. Viewers will be able to see a great number of meteors falling in the last few hours before the dawn on the next Saturday.

According to KHOU, the largest instances of meteors will be seen between the hours of 3.00 AM till the dawn on April 22, 2017. During this period, spectators are expected to enjoy an average of single to double meteors within the interval of 5 minutes. However, those who are expecting to see a rapid fire of meteors in this season will definitely be disappointed. There are times while meteor shower held at a density of about hundreds to thousands in just a couple of minutes. But Lyrid meteor shower will not be that big this year. But it will surely be fruitful to those who could have an hour or more in their hands for enjoying this extravagant lighting fall.

Basically, meteor shower happens when the gas ions in meteor trails come close to the earthly atmosphere. And due to the heat-initiated by the atmosphere, these meteors catches fire flames and moves like having beam reflecting tail at their backs. The meteors are also known as shooting stars, despite having no relations with the stars. As per a report by Express, this year's annual Lyrid meteor shower is scheduled to held from April 16, 2017, to April 25, 2017. The best place to enjoy Lyrid meteor shower would be a quiet and calm place far away from the lights and glow of cities.

Spectators who are willing to enjoy the best of 2017's Lyrid meteor shower are recommended to choose a place, most appropriately in countrysides or National Parks. Those who are planning to see the shower at its peak timeline on April 22, 2017 can expect to experience the best falls by the night time after 10.00 PM.


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