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Samsung Galaxy S8 Tops Front 'Infinity Display' Customer Reviews, But Forgot One Thing

Apr 19, 2017 07:17 PM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Near Perfection
(Photo : The Verge /Youtube) Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Near Perfection

Wow! Typical reaction of people testing the Samsung Galaxy S8 firsthand. The phone top marks its infinity display, while failed one.

The Verge reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone closest to perfection. After Samsung Galaxy S8 was released last month, the Samsung's product manager's statement, "People aren't excited by new phones anymore," was right.

The report even claims that Samsung is facing two challenges on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Eventually, the challenges will arise with the mightiness of the Galaxy S8, when people might forget the failure of the Galaxy Note 7's fiery batteries.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S8 top marks its large "Infinity Display" that everyone loves. It has 4.8-inch display while the S8 Plus has an expanded screen of 6.2-inches with rounded corners. According to MacRumors, the rounded expressions of customers which they collected showed praise on the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen which covers 80% of the phone's front face.

A customer, Steve Kovach (comment taken from Business Insider) mentioned, "It's an impressive feat of engineering. At 5.8-inches screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is larger than the iPhone 7 Plus, but with slimmer and more attractive body." Another customer, Walt Mossberg (comment taken from Recode) said, "Samsung has drastically altered the rule that big screens mean huge phones. But the phones are narrower and easier to hold and to slip into a pocket."

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has forgotten one thing which caused it to be its weakness, the fingerprint scanner. Many customers didn't get satisfied with the position of the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S8. Despite being so impressive on their demos, the fingerprint scanner doesn't meet the expectations at all.

Customer Dan Seifert (comment taken from The Verge) noted, "The high placement of the scanner makes it difficult and awkward to reach with my index finger, even on the smaller Samsung Galaxy S8." While Nicole Nguyen (comment taken from Buzzfeed), "The fingerprint unlock feature has traditionally been programmed into the home button of the device, but the fingerprint sensor and the camera feel basically the same."

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