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Mining The Moon Might Be Trump’s Next Big Project

Apr 19, 2017 07:31 PM EDT


Now that natural resources on Earth have started to dwindle due to uncontrolled human extraction, scientists and entrepreneurs are now on the lookout for possible alternatives. Some scientists resort to creating laboratory developed minerals and metals. Others have started to look for alloys that can serve as cheaper and more abundant alternatives for precious metals. However, interestingly, a number of entrepreneurs have started eyeing outer space for answers. US President Trump seems to be one of them.

According to a report from Spacenews, a certain exchange between NASA and Trump's transition agency seems to have provided their interest in mining natural resources from the moon. However, spectators are trying to question if this kind moon mining is economically feasible and what kinds of repercussions can this have to the Earth. Furthermore, people start to question how long the research for this is going to take if they do really plan to mine the moon.

Just this February, a company known as Moon Express has announced their intent to mine the moon for gold and platinum. According to a report from Mirror UK, they plan to bring people to the moon by 2026 to work as moon miners. The billionaire owner has stated that they had started raising money since 2010 to start the extraction of natural metals on the moon. Their first mission of moon mining is set to be launched late of this year.

For the past decade, there had been missions to the moon that explore the kinds of minerals and metals that exist in its land. There seems to be an abundance of unique metals and minerals on its surface. There seems to be an abundance of magnesium, aluminum, iron, titanium, and even silicon. There seems to be a great similarity between natural resources on the moon and that of the Earth which is motivation for moon mining.

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