Apr 25, 2017 | Updated: 06:14 PM EDT

Opioid Addiction Has Increased Prevalence In Different American States, Studies Show

Apr 18, 2017 01:35 AM EDT

Opioid Addiction Has Increased Prevalence In Different American States
(Photo : Loic Venance/Getty Images) The opioid crisis has become one of the major issues for discussion at present. Public seems disappointed with the action done by the new administration.

Over the past few months, there had been an increasing number of individuals suffering from drug overdose particularly opioid addiction. Medical experts have found that the common culprit is opioids that have been increasingly popular in the recent years. Through this, they have discovered that addition to opioids has increased its prevalence in different parts of the US.

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Idaho Statesman has reported that a survey among the locals of their state has reported more than a thousand drug-induced deaths due to opioids in the last decade. There had been more than 200 deaths due to opioid addiction just in 2015 alone. They have discovered that this kind of drug addiction is no only prevalent in Idaho but in other places as well.

Maryland, Massachusetts, and Alaska are among those that are suffering from increasing rates of drug addiction over the last decade. Public health efforts and federal funding have been launched to address this crisis on increasing drug prevalence  and opioid addiction among the public.

It has been discovered that this opioid addiction has been strongly affected by the availability of prescription drugs. Now, pharmaceutical companies are on the move to create drugs that are less prone to abuse but will still fulfill the kind of treatment it's supposed to provide. This action has been done to help in the reduction of drug abuse in the US.

According to a report from the Boston Globe, there are now some talks that surround the disappointment on the new administration's actions regarding this prevailing drug addiction. Their solution - further studies on opioid addiction. A number of support groups have rallied and lobbied for a much stricter and tougher enforcement against the drug to prevent an even higher increase in the rates of addiction.

The opioid crisis and opioid addiction are not the only problems the country has with drugs. There remains the prevalence of party drugs that are commonly spread among younger members of the population. This is why a stricter enforcement of policies are expected from the government to finally put a foot down on these ongoing issues.

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