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World's First Electric Gas Turbine Invented By Southern California Edison

Apr 20, 2017 05:02 AM EDT


One of the most significant discoveries in this year, California Resources board just unveiled the world's first hybrid electric gas turbine (EGT). This system is called LM6000 Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine.

Now the experts of Southern California Edison announced that they had installed a natural gas peaker plant with a 10MW/4.3Mwh battery energy storage system in EGT. Basically, natural gas peaker runs only when the demand for electricity is high enough, reported by Arstechnica.

However, natural gas peaker plants system has a drawback. They can waste a lot of fuel in standby mode. But now the battery solution cuts out the fuel on that time duration. This EGT system also provides fast ramping capabilities.

The storage capacity of the battery is designed such a way that allow enough time coverage to start the EGT. At the same time, the required output can be achieved easily, reported by GE imagination at work.

SCE president Ron Nichols said EGT will utilize the resources on the grid and provides exacerbate reliability. It will help to reduce ambient disaster and cost for customers. In addition, this technology will allow expanding the use of renewable resources, the president said.

Their main goal is to develop a unique system that response to changing energy needs in California. Though, everyone knows that California has committed to deriving 50 percent electricity from renewal sources by 2030. Experts again claimed that the hybrid EGT system helps to balance the supply and demand of variable energy.

During the evening time, when the sun is set and the people starts to use the electricity more, and then the electricity produced by solar power gets dropped. Apart from EGT, the natural gas plant also featured with new emission control system. It provides a better response and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by 60 percent. The amount of water needed to operate this plant is also reduced by 45 percent.

Scientists from Southern California again uttered that this EGT system has very sophisticated controls. It allows the operators to manage it in a way that can bring it up when it's needed and when it's not needed.

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