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No Chance of Death Due to Blood Loss If You Have This Hemoglobin Support

Apr 20, 2017 12:30 PM EDT


Blood is considered as the most valuable unit of life. Therefore Blood transfusion stands as one of the major life-giving forces. The patients who lack blood in their body at some emergency situations can be saved just by correct blood transfusion. But due to lack of blood-related resources, hospitals often lose the chance the chance to save humans. But these situations may effectively change after the implementation of an innovative and harmless substitute to blood, which has been developed by a group of researchers using blood's oxygen-carrying component: hemoglobin.

According to Science Daily, the study was published in American Chemical Society's journal 'Biomacromolecules' which strengthen the fact that this modified hemoglobin can actually solute the urgent requirement of heavy blood transfusion. The U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute claimed that red blood cells are the most important part of the blood which transfuses throughout the body and carries protein hemoglobins, which deliver oxygen to tissues. Scientists developed a chemically evolved hemoglobin "which by itself is toxic" This can be utilized as a potential blood substitute but it can't bind oxygen properly thus lacks carrying capabilities also it simultaneously forms methemoglobin that later turns into hydrogen peroxide, gradually damaging cell growth

In a bid to make this modified hemoglobin more useful, researchers namely Hong Zhou, Lian Zhao, Yan Wu along with their teammates evolved a one-step method for packing such hemoglobin in polydopamine or PDA. The clinical process created an extremely fruitful result. The PDA wrapped hemoglobin can bind and carry oxygen to cells in all parts of the body.

Moreover, the PDA-packed hemoglobin prevents the creation of methemoglobin and hydrogen peroxide, leaving up a minimal chance of any cell damage. The process of making such chemically modified hemoglobin has been clinically tested. It is expected to be utilized in real human operations soon.

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